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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our self-learning offers.

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Equipped with the language learning software Tell me more, German as a Foreign Language (DaF), English, French, Italian, and Spanish can all be practiced at the Language Lab.

  • You are a fulltime student of the university, a visiting and/or cross-registered student, or are auditing any number of courses at the university. (External students may not participate in tandems.)
  • You possess skills at the A2 level or you are currently enrolled in an A2-level course in the target language.
  • You are interested in improving your knowledge about cultures and languages.

You can successfully sign up for a tandem program through our course platform with your personal login credentials. Once you have logged in, you will see a button labeled “tandem” in the menu. Click the button to sign-up. A small questionnaire is included in the registration process so that you can specify your interests and aims.

  • It can take some time until you receive a suitable tandem partner, depending upon when you make your request (i.e. at the end or during the semester) and how often your target language is requested (English and Spanish are very often in high demand). Typically speaking it is best to request a tandem partner shortly before the semester begins when foreign students are most available.
  • Note: Monitor your status when you are logged into our online course platform. Your status must be “active” so that we know you are still interested in finding a tandem partner.
  • To learn a language in tandem means to work closely with a native speaker who in turn wishes to learn your native language. Meetings take place in private. In return you offer your tandem partner knowledge of your own native language. Communication often occurs bilingually with each person receiving ample time to speak, practice, and learn.
  • Visit our tandem informational session the first week of the semester. This session is regularly announced on our Tandem page.
  • A consultation while working with a tandem partner is recommended. Dr. Laura Tiego stands ready to advise you.