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Course Certificates

Our language courses provide for the acquisition of graded certificates of achievement. The course requirements are documented in the course descriptions.

In Detail

The written examinations and final oral examinations take place partly in the last week of the course, partly in the first weeks of the lecture-free period. Please refer to the respective course descriptions for information on this. Details will be communicated via the course instructors at the beginning of the semester.

Students who meet the following criteria can register for a retake exam:

 a) Those who have attended their final examination but have not passed it;
 b) Those who had an examination clash on the date of the final examination;
 c) Those who were ill on the date of the final examination;
 d) Those who had to take part in a university event, excursion, compact course or work experience placement on the date of the final examination;
 e) Those who had to work on the date of the final examination.

All documentation must be submitted in written form. Please also note:

  • These rules also apply to exam dates that occur during the semester (e.g., midterm exams or multi-part exams, such as First Listening Comprehension Exam, Second Listening Comprehension Exam).
  • We do not accept holiday bookings as a valid criterion for registering for a retake exam.

According to general examination regulations, students are eligible to review their exams. After you were notified of your exam grade, you are granted access to your written examination upon request. To schedule an exam review session, submit an exam review application to the Division of Foreign Languages within one month of the announcement of your exam results. Your exam review application can be sent as an e-mail to oursecretariat. Your exam review session will take place by appointment in the secretariat. If you still have questions after the completion of the exam review session, we will forward your question(s) to the respective instructor, together with a request to get in touch with you personally.

For faculty-specific English courses with multiple parallel groups, centralized exam review appointments are organized through the course instructors.

The successful completion of a course earns you a graded course certificate. The Division of Foreign Languages does not issue ungraded certificates of participation.

  • Attendance: regulations concerning attendance can be found in our course descriptions. Please keep in mind that the number of absences indicated in the course descriptions refers to both excused and unexcused absences. In exceptional cases (i.e. sickness), an exception to the attendance rule may be made.
  • Examination (written exam, term paper, oral presentation etc.): dependent on the course. Please refer to our course descriptions, which are attached to each course as PDF-files on our online course platform.

Credits: For 1 SWS you will receive 1,5 credits, for 2 SWS 3 credits and so on (SWS x 1,5 = credits) and a grade. For example:

  • Chinese A1: 4 SWS / 6 Credits + Grade
  • Polish A1.1: 2 SWS / 3 Credits + Grade

SWS = semester hours per week

After having successfully completed a course, your certificate will automatically be made available as a PDF-file on your personal site of our course platform. You can print out your certificate on your own; signature and stamp are not required since the validity of the document can be checked via the code at the bottom of the page.

Please note: You have to login to our course platform with the official UniAccount in order to be able to print out your certificates. Upon exmatriculation your login to our course platform will  no longer be valid. Please contact the secretary's office in case you still need to print out any certificates.