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Ancient Languages

The Division of Foreign Languages offers Latin courses in preparation for the university's internal examination for the Intermediate Latinum (Kleines Latinum).


Supplementary Examinations in Ancient Languages

Lateinische Schrift © Shotshop

Please note that all supplementary examinations in Ancient Languages must be taken through the Arnsberg District Government. The Arnsberg District Government is responsible for the examination procedure, including registrations, appointments, retakes, etc. The legal basis is the “Regulations for the Extension Examinations for the Abitur Certificate.” “Information leaflet on the extension examinations for the Abitur certificate in Greek, Latin, Hebrew.”

University Internal Examination for Latin

Due to the changed requirements for the knowledge of Latin according to the Teacher Admission Ordinance of 25 May 2016, the Intermediate Latinum has been offered in the form of an internal university examination for students at the TU Dortmund University through the Division of Foreign Languages since WiSe 2016/17.  The courses Latin I and Latin II serve as preparation for this exam. For more information on the course content, please refer to the course descriptions on our course platform.

The course Latin II concludes with a university internal examination which confirms the acquisition of an equivalent to the Intermediate Latinum ("Nachweis von Kenntnissen auf dem Niveau des Kleinen Latinum").

The university-internal Latin examination for the proof of knowledge on the level of intermediate Latium consists of:

  •  a two-hour written exam:

The task is to translate a text of 120 words. The text is based on the author who was studied in the course (usually Caesar). The use of an analog dictionary is allowed. 

  • from an oral examination section:

Information on this will be provided in class.

Registration for the internal university examination for the Intermediate Latinum usually takes place in the Latin II course directly through the instructor.

The internal university examination for the Intermediate Latinum takes place after the end of the semester in the first or second week of the lecture free time.

In addition to the state „Supplementary examinations to Abitur Certificate” for Latin as well as the university internal Intermediate Latinum examination (see above), only the following proofs of the Intermediate Latinum are recognized at TU Dortmund University:

  • School-Latin (if the Intermediate Latinum is attested as an attachment to the Abitur certificate): Students according to LABG 2009 who have to prove knowledge of Latin for the master’s program can do so by presenting the Abitur certificate to the Student Secretariat (Dezernat 4). The Division of Foreign Languages at the Center for Higher Education (zhb) is not responsible for the recognition of these certificates.
  • Proof of knowledge of Latin acquired at other universities: The corresponding proof must also be submitted directly to the Student Secretariat (Dezernat 4).