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Welcome to the Division of Foreign Languages

Dear TU Dortmund University students and doctoral candidates,

foreign language proficiency has become indispensable in the increasingly globalized professional world. Command of at least one, or even better, two foreign languages is a part of your academic profile that improves your career success. As multilingualism constitutes a core value of culturally diverse Europe, learning foreign languages enables you to benefit from Europe's cultural diversity and gain new intercultural experiences. Learning foreign languages also helps you train your memory and develop your social skills. In short, language learning can become a life-enriching experience, especially if you continuously engage in it rather than see it as a one-time event.

Our Division of Foreign Languages offers you an opportunity to receive professional foreign language training. Currently, we offer training in 14 modern foreign languages. In addition, international students and doctoral candidates can participate in a wide range of German language courses. Latin, German sign language, as well as autonomous learning courses are part of our training portfolio.

Our Writing Lab, which is another significant section within the Division of Foreign Languages, offers help with your writing and presentation projects. The instruction and counseling services include writing workshops, writing language courses, individual writing counseling, counseling for writing groups, and a training program for writing consultants. We offer these services for L1 German, L2 German, and English.

We wish you success in mastering foreign languages and becoming better writers.

Meni Syrou

Head of the Department of Foreign Languages

Quality Assurance

In order to maintain the quality of our courses, we orient ourselves around the following principles

  • we evaluate our courses regularly through student course evaluations;
  • we restrict the number of participants in our courses to a maximum of 25 students;
  • we improve our own teaching skills through continual training in methodological and didactic areas of language teaching;
  • we support and promote a motivated and independent attitude toward language learning inside and outside the language classroom.


Our Division of Foreign Languages is a member of AKS (Arbeitskreis der Sprachenzentren, Sprachlehrinstitute und Fremdspracheninstitute) and a member of FadaF (Fachverband Deutsch als Fremdsprache).

With regard to writing didactics, the Division of Foreign Languages follows the standards of Gesellschaft für Schreibdidaktik und Schreibforschung e. V. (Society for Writing Didactics and Writing Research).