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At a Glance

Language Offer

In the Division of Foreign Languages, you can take interdisciplinary and subject-specific courses in the following languages.

Students of TU Dortmund University can take an internal university examination in our Division of Foreign Languages to prove knowledge at the level of the "Kleines Latinum". In preparation, we offer two Latin courses, Latin I and Latin II.
State supplementary examinations for the LATINUM, GRAECUM and HEBRAICUM are administered by the district government in Arnsberg.

Ancient Languages

Our German courses include semester-long courses for students whose native language is not German. We also offer intensive pre-semester courses for students participating in short-term international programs. In addition, there is a range of German courses at various levels tailored specifically to doctoral candidates and postdocs.
We offer the "Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang ausländischer Studienbewerber*innen" (DSH) four times a year.

German as a Foreign Language

We offer a wide range of English courses with a general language focus. These start at the level B1 and extend to C2.  We also offer a number of specialized discipline-specific English courses for students of specific departments.


The Romance languages offered include French, Italian and Spanish. Levels A1 - B2 are covered. Students who are planning to study abroad in a Romance-language country can participate in our "Erasmus course" where they can learn more about the language and culture of their study abroad destination. 

Romance Languages

In addition to the languages listed above, we offer 9 other modern foreign languages: Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Kurdish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Turkish. Our courses usually cover the levels A1 and A2, and for some languages up to the level B1.

Other Modern Languages

Students of TU Dortmund University can take courses in German Sign Language at our department. We offer DGS I, DGS II and DGS III as multi-day intensive courses in March and September, respectively. DGS I is also available as a semester-long course.

German Sign Language

In order to support students in their self-learning, we offer a tandem program including tandem learning counseling in addition to individual learning counseling. Also, students can work autonomously on their language acquisition with computer support in our language lab.


The levels of the language courses are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Information about the CEFR